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JTDream - Joy to Dream, our story

- It's a Joy To Dream.

That's how the company gets its name.

In JTDream, we believe that everything starts off with a dream. Of course, the team then put actions into realizing it. Making it possible for the dream to come true. We believe in ourselves always. And if things don't realize, we are just not good enough. We will re-position and try again.

We started off without much focus but just to fulfill a entrepreneur dream. After selling accessories, wooden watches and other sport accessories online. In Nov 2015, JTDream becomes the sole agent for Nuke Blitz XI range of sports sunglasses. In Dec 2018, we successfully launched our own Vibes+ shades. 

JTDream’s Mission Statement:

  • Educate the importance of optical protection
  • Promote proper eye-wear protection.

Woodlands Horizon

Woodlands Horizon

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